Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Hell Games (Daria Pigwidgeon #2)

A demon with a soul is a demon of the worst kind.
I'm that demon and this is my adventure.
I just hope that I can run, because They are coming...

Daria's misadventures continue into the vast world of demons as she's the only one with a soul. This time Hell is nipping at her heals and the only people she can rely on is the family she’s been running from her whole life. But she’s not as alone as she might think, Chance refuses to leave her side, and would literally follow her to Hell in need be. As the games of being one step ahead of her enemies climax, Daria finally comes face to face with what she really is. And it’ll change everything.

Releases Fall of 2013!

Stay tuned for cover...

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