Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon (Daria Pigwidgeon #1)

Under all my soft girl exterior and inner demon, turns out I’m more girl than demon.
A stupid girl it would seem and this is my misadventure.
I just hope it’s not my last…

Daria Pigwidgeon hasn’t had an easy life. Not when she is the only demon born with a soul - and the only one to have grown up with a family of pure demons. All she ever known was pain and abandonment. Her family never let her forget that she was nothing but an abomination. But what if all their torment was to keep her safe? To protect her from others of their kind that would do her harm?

Things are clearer than they have been for months. Of course, this only makes other things overly complicated like her feelings for her neighbor, Chance. He is the one person that can make her feel safe and terrified all at the same time. She has always known how to protect herself; she just never thought to protect her heart, especially when it comes to the unknown. Then there is the fact that her family found her somehow and won’t take no for an answer. She struggles with remembering why she ran away from them in the first place. Suddenly her past is wrapped up into her present and sooner or later she’ll have to make a choice, a choice that could change everything.

When an unseen force starts following her around like a bad habit reeking of fear, Daria will have to take a good look at everyone that is around her. Her friends, her family, they all become suspect. Something is trying to kill her and even if it’s the last thing she does, she’ll find out a way to change her destined fate.

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